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LinkWiz Incorporated established in 2015 March with Entrepreneurial philosophy [Our business based on with the virtues]. We make one step forward industry and factory automation.

Manufacturing environment is becoming changes. Reduction of workforce and decrease of craftsman. Worldwide factories use robots and take a place of human.
Someone says “Robots will take in charge of 50% of human job in 20 years”.
At first time I heard this topic, I thought robot steal our job in the future. But now I don’t think such a thing. Robot is just a tool for human change. We will get a chance To do more creative work.

In 2005. That is first time I was in charge of robot system, I thought finally came this era. But now most of factories and managers recognize robot for just a less-human device. In many of the work field robot needs human help. I think there are no grows.
What is a cause that hinder progress?
I found industry robot need to have response capabilities for environment and circumstances then robots need vision sensors and intelligence brain software I think.

Our Company LinkWiz provide Intelligence robotics software which change robot user’s complicated.

As you know our country Japan have strength to ship automotive parts and machine tools. Make strong partnership with suppliers and manufacturers to ship Japan manufacturing system for the worldwide. That is our mission.
To be a professional team, we will continue day-by-day effort.
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Fukino Muramatsu Suzuki