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WHAT IS LinkWiz ?

LinkWiz provides intelligent robot software what you ever seen before.
Our technology based on 3DCAD development, Robot will have skills of automatic object recognition.

Automatic Robot Control - L-Robot -

Robot + Automatic object recognition. Robotics will close by handmade manufacturing.

[L-Robot] realize less-human and automatic adjust looseness for every workpiece.
This is Automatic robot teaching generation tool for every manufacturing scene.

「L-Robot」Application envisaged.

  • WeldingWelding
  • CuttingCutting
  • SealingSealing
  • PaintingPainting
  • InspectionInspection

Welding : Arc, Laser, TIG
Cutting : Laser, Water-jet

[L-Robot] will give answer for problems after your factory to introduce robots.

  • Robot teaching must change if workpiece changed.
  • Must pay a lot of cost for positioning jig.
  • Robotized does not proceed because of looseness of workpiece.

Everyone says, placed robots for less-humans and cost completion but there are a lot of problems and challenges. Don`t you think factory manager?
Automatic robot control tool [L-Robot] which LinkWiz provide will give you an answer for problems that had hampered the full automation. We offer a new value of robotics


Automatic Robot Inspection - L-Qualify -

To realize real robotics which more effective use your assets of people.

[L-Qualify] use advantages of robots, high repeat accuracy, and space recognition.
Which is suites for qualification and inspection.

「L-Qualify」Application envisaged.

  • Welding bead inspectionWelding bead
  • Mounting inspectionMounting
  • Shape inspectionShape
  • Geometry inspectionGeometry

「L-Qualify」Realize full-automatic inspection by robots.

  • Need 100% inspection and traceability.
  • Want to incorporate 3D inspection in factory line.
  • Want to make Fully-automated factory line include workpiece handling.

There is a need for value of [Quality] recently. [L-Qualify] combine 3D scanners and Laser profiling device for 3D measurement to achieve inspection for welding, shape, and dimension. We provide a quantitative evaluation that people do not intervene.


Technical Consulting

Want to take advantage of the 3D data.
Want to labor saving.
Want to aim a stable quality control.
Please tell me your dreams. We will give you the best way for your dream come ture.ei

LinkWiz introduction example


Partnership offer

  • Robot integrators who want to provide a new value of next level robotics.
  • Inspection equipment manufacturers who want to take advantage of the robot.
  • Image processing manufacturers who want to achieve 3D Inspection with robot.

LinkWiz want a new value for industry manufacturing company. We cooperate and realize fully automated 3D inspection and 3D arithmetic processing system with you for your client.

Partner benefits
◆Business sharing
◆Free Training and give free commercial license of our product[L-Robot」「L-Qualify」.