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Automatic Robot Inspection - L-Qualify -

To realize real robotics which more effective use your assets of people.

WHAT IS L-Qualify ?

 LinkWiz [L-Qualify] is an answer for automated inspection. To realize high accuracy repeatability and 3D space recognition. If you choose LinkWiz controller for your system, your inspection system will have reliability and long life warranty.

「L-Qualify」realize less-human quantitative inspection and high capacity multiple inspection (Customization). 「L-Qualify」controls 3D vision sensors and use robotic 3D space recognition for Inspection, measurement, and quality control. Also this system record complete inspection history and measurement log for big-data analysis. This will be helpful for your factory management.

「L-Qualify」recognize object shape from 3D point cloud data and realize fully automated inspection. Your needs, Less-humans, less-time, more-quality be come true.

Advantage of 「L-Qualify」

  • We realized high-accuracy space coordinated calculation with robot based on our original 3D framework.
  • We don’t need reference 3D model for inspection. Your all workpieces inspects in our system.

Functions of 「L-Qualify」

  • Automated data acquisition from controlled 3D visions and robot for realize automatic inspection ( Ex. Welding bead and geometric shapes)
  • Collect full inspection records and variation of the products for real time data analysis and factory management.

「L-Qualify」Application envisaged.

Application benefit

Robots capable.

  • YASKAWA Electric Corporation
  • FUNUC Corporation

3D Vision capable

  • Keyence Corporation LJ-V Series.
  • Pulstec Industry TDS Series