Protect the Future

代表取締役 吹野豪 の写真

Interview with CEO / GO FUKINO

How is Japan going to compete and win?

What kind of country is Japan? If you’re asked this question, would you be able to proudly reply “manufacturing country”? Five and ten years later from now, would Japan continue to be “manufacturing country”? LinkWiz is a company that offers intelligent robot system software. However, what we pursue is not just rationalization by simple automation. Our most important policy is to support engineers who have world-class technology with robot. The coming age is the robot. The new era is just around the corner, it is the time when the production capability of Japan and overseas will be equalized. Then how is Japan going to compete and win? In our opinion, there is nothing besides person with excellent technology, a person who uses the robot sharing the same feeling with the customer, having insight and fully understanding why and what they are making. We believe we can achieve a victory with rational and respectful manufacturing which can only be done Japan where there are people with excellent technology.

Robot, it’s a tool that protects Japanese manufacturing.

Many people think robotization is a reduction of labor charge. In the short term, it may be good. However, when you look at it in the long term, it means that you are losing your strong point by reducing people and their technology. What we want to offer is further performance of the person by supporting with robot and further protection and inheritance of irreplaceable wisdom and technology. This also leads to business strategy of five and ten years later from now. We wish Japan to be known and respected as “excellent manufacturing country” from overseas and our children now to grow up to be people who are proud of our country. Therefore, each and every one of LinkWiz will deal with customer’s needs sincerely and is committed to work hard for the solution.