Make zero defective products the norm with our 3D robot inspection system.


Achieve full inline inspections by robotizing visual and jig inspections typically done by people.

Full inspections are best.
However, there is not enough time or resources to achieve this.
Luckily, L-QUALIFY—our 3D robot inspection system for inline applications—changes the game completely.
By replacing the visual inspections currently done by people with automatic shape inspections done by robots, it is possible to achieve highly precise full inspections and prevent the release of defective products. LINKWIZ's software, which combines industrial robots and 3D scanners, dramatically changes inspection processes at production sites.


Improved inspection quality

Unlike people, robots are not affected by how they feel, their physical condition, or differences in their skill level. Therefore, robots can achieve highly precise inspection quality without variation. Once robots are taught what acceptable product workpieces look like, they can conduct inspections for hours on end without any decreases in quality. In addition, because robots can enable full inspections at sites where such inspections were once impossible due to time and labor costs, they can prevent the release of defective products and help improve inspection quality.

Improved traceability

With our system, data indicating what kinds of inspections were done when can be saved along with 3D data to achieve traceability.
Saving all the 3D data associated with inspections also makes it possible to analyze the details of defects while looking at the 3D data.

Elimination of labor shortages

Robotizing visual inspections also makes it possible to optimize human resources and save on labor. By having robots take care of work that used to be done by people, the costs and man-hours once necessary to train inspectors can be reduced. Unlike people, there is no need to spend time training robots, so high-quality inspections can be done for hours on end immediately after introducing our system.


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