"We are establishing the ability to use data as a technical skill."


佐野 明俊
Manager of the Engineering Department Next Generation Planning Office

Instead of using our eyes to conduct inspections, we must use them to read data.

HIRAOKA BODY provides automobile-body and undercarriage products. We recently introduced L-QUALIFY. Up until now, we had people conduct full inspections of our products. However, this meant that the skills of our people affected our inspections. Even if such inspections were okay for the first hundred products, there was a real risk of people missing something after a thousand or ten-thousand products. In other words, visual inspections have serious limitations. The number of points to be inspected has also decreased due to the recent introduction of new equipment, which is further reducing the likelihood of mistakes, but we live in an era in which people demand that no defective products be released. Therefore, we were faced with a need to find something other than people to handle our inspections, which is when we encountered LINKWIZ's L-QUALIFY.
The introduction of L-QUALIFY enables us to obtain various kinds of data. From now on, we need to effectively react to this data. Human resources who understand our products can also understand the value of the corresponding data. Therefore, they should be able to look at the data in order to respond to potential risks ahead of time. This is precisely the technical skill we will need starting now. The true goal of robotization is to consistently manage both pre- and post-process information in order to achieve the company's originality and added value. For us, L-QUALIFY represents the first step of reaching this goal. We expect great things from it.

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