"It's not enough simply to say there shouldn't be any defects."

Kohzu Mfg. Co., Ltd

President & CEO

There is a balance between robots and the skills of people.

KOZU SEISAKUSHO manufactures automotive parts. Our diverse lines of work include design proposal, evaluation tests, prototyping, process design, manufacturing, and delivery to customers, and we are using L-QUALIFY to automate the necessary dimensional inspections. More specifically, we are using the system to inspect suspension frames. We produce hundreds of frames per day, and our inspectors have used jigs to inspect the dimensions of multiple parts of each product up until now. By robotizing this process, we hope to achieve a definite increase in quality.
Thousands of automobiles are produced every month. In addition, today's automobiles have complex structures that make them more difficult to inspect than ever before. In the past, automobile inspections could be covered simply by hiring more people, but people alone are no longer enough for us to handle our inspections or guarantee quality. Besides that, automobiles are potentially life-threatening products. They contain many critical safety parts. Therefore, it's not enough simply to say there shouldn't be any defects. By introducing L-QUALIFY, we expect to achieve inspections that are more precise than ever before.
If we can robotize our inspections, we can assign our inspectors to work offering more added value.
I think it's wrong to assume that robotization makes people unnecessary. There is a balance between robots and the skills of people that we must not upset. After all, robots are handled by people. At the same time, the seriousness with which Japan tackles issues is one of our strengths. I also believe there is real social value in maintaining our domestic automotive industry. In fact, this industry is so deeply rooted in our country that I'm not even sure what would be left here in Japan if we started making even our automobiles overseas. Our industry is therefore on the front line in a sense, so—as an automobile company—we must do what we can to preserve it. And nothing would make me happier than to contribute to Japan's future through our manufacturing.

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