What kinds of technologies does LINKWIZ have?
LINKWIZ's core technology is essentially point cloud processing via original three-dimensional shape processing. Our original three-dimensional shape processing approach combines industrial robots, scanners, and software to provide new value to the manufacturing world.
What kinds of scanners (sensors) do you use?
We currently recommend the use of 2D laser displacement meters. Any general-purpose scanners (sensors) can be used. For details on recommended scanners or usable scanners (sensors),
What is your scanning speed?
The scanning speed can be changed, but we currently recommend scanning at a speed of 100 mm/sec with our recommended scanner. The density of the acquired point cloud differs depending on the scanning speed, so the scanning speed is ultimately determined based on the required precision.
Which manufacturers' robots can be used with LINKWIZ products?
The robots of most major manufacturers can be used. For details,


What kinds of inspections are possible with L-QUALIFY?
Various inspections—including shape-comparison inspections—can be conducted simultaneously.
Can L-QUALIFY be used to conduct inspections via comparisons with CAD data?
No, not at the present time.
What is the maximum size of objects L-QUALIFY can be used to inspect?
This differs depending on the used scanner performance and inspection details. For details
Can L-QUALIFY be used to inspect for internal defects, etc.?
L-QUALIFY scans the appearance of objects and then utilizes the acquired point cloud data to conduct inspections, so it is not possible to inspect the inside of objects.


Is L-ROBOT an offline teaching tool?
No, it is not. L-ROBOT scans the actual object, generates coordinates, and then controls robots, so it is used to generate and correct teaching data based on comparisons with the actual object.
What kinds of applications is L-ROBOT used for?
We have introduced L-ROBOT for applications that include robotic welding, sealing, and polishing.
Can the scanner be removed from the tip of the robot?
Yes. Once the workpiece is scanned and the teaching data is generated and corrected, the scanner is no longer necessary, so it can be removed when operating the robot.


Can LINKWIZ provide complete robotic equipment sets?
LINKWIZ is a software manufacturer, so please contact an SIer or equipment company to build robotic equipment on-site.


Are you currently hiring?
The positions for which we are currently hiring can be found here. We look forward to your application.
Do you hire new graduates?
Not on a regular basis, but we do in fact welcome new graduates. The positions for which we are currently hiring can be found here.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding industrial robots, please feel free to get in touch with us.