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Interview with President & CEO YASUTO SEKI

photo of President & CEO / YASUTO SEKI

The balance between robot and human skill.

Kohzu Mfg. Co., Ltd manufactures automobile parts. Our business is in wide range such as design proposals, evaluation tests, prototyping, process design, manufacturing, delivery to customers. Among them we decided to automate dimensional inspection using L-QUALIFY. The inspection target is suspension frame which are made hundreds per day. Until now the person in charge used an inspection fixture to inspect the multiple dimensions of each product one at a time. By robotizing, I wanted to surely improve the quality.

Automobiles are manufactured thousands per month. Moreover, recent automobiles are complicated in structure and inspection has become more difficult than in the past. Back then we could increase the number of person but now it is difficult for human to inspect and guarantee. A car is a product that concerns human life. Inside, there are many important security parts. To say “There should be no defective products” is unacceptable. We are expecting that we can conduct more accurate inspection than ever by introducing L-QUALIFY.

If robotization succeeds, the inspection person can be placed at a different section with higher added value. I believe it is not true that people will not be necessary if it is robotized. We should not break the balance between robot and human skill. It is the person who handles the robot. The seriousness of Japanese would be a strength. I think there is a social value in maintaining the automobile industry inside Japan. I don’t know what would be left in Japanese industry if the cars are made overseas. Our company will not stop doing our best as a company involved in that front line. I would be happy if we could contribute to the future of Japanese manufacturing.