image of HIRAOKA BODY Co., Ltd HIRAOKA BODY Co., Ltd / Change the ability to use the data to company’s skill.


photo of President & CEO / AKITOSHI SANO

Change the inspection eye to data reading eye.

HIRAOKA BODY Co., Ltd offers automobile body and undercarriage products. We incorporated L-QUALIFY this time. We have done hundred percent inspection of products by people so far. It means that people's skill will affect what people see. It may not be a problem to inspect 100 pieces but there is a possibility of overlooking if it becomes 1,000 pieces and 10,000 pieces. There is absolute limit in visual inspection. Recently the introduction of new equipment is reducing the number of inspection points, which allows the possibility of mistakes to become less. However, it is a tough age now where defective product must be eliminated to zero. We must consider alternatives to people, that’s when we met LinkWiz L-QUALIFY.

Now we don’t need inspection people because L-QUALIFY is introduced? Not at all. People who knows quality is someone who understands added value of the product and who knows what’s needed and what’s not, they are precious human resources. You can also place that person in the department you want to enhance and make the products double checked. Or he could become a leader. That way we can eliminate defective products and improve the quality of our company.

As we incorporated the L-QUALIFY, we can take a variety of data. From now on we need to response to that data. Only someone who understands the product can understand the value of the data. He could seek the risk hidden underneath and take measure ahead. This definitely is the technics needed from now on. The true goal of robotization is to consistently manage the information before and after the process and to create the originality and the added value of the company. L-QUALIFY is just a start. I'm looking forward to it.