Physical fusion path generater

It is ideal that the robotics manufacturing line does not stop.
But,Current situation that it seems we repeating teaching correction.

A tool to solve the current situation, that is “L-ROBOT”.
Teach program is automatically corrected according to the siference in the fine shape of the target work piece, and machining failure zero is realized.
The machining process evolves greatly with the power of robotics and software.

Benefit _ 1

There is no manual teaching correction.
Movement is always corrected for each workpiece, and
workpiece deviation defect zero is realized.

Benefit _ 2

There was no amount of time
and effort involved in day-to-day
teaching corrections,
which I thought was a necessary cost.

Standard functions

  • Feature hole detection.

    Detect hole from target range.
    Figure center point of the hole.

    Feature hole detection
  • Misplacement detection.

    Detect workpiece. displacement amount.

    Misplacement detection.
  • Feature edge detection.

    Detect edge from target range.
    Figure edge line and coordinate of edge

    Feature edge detection.
  • Auto path generate from scanned shape.

    Generate robot teaching path from 3D shape of workpiece.

    Auto path generate from scanned shape.